What is a point spread bet? This is a question many newcomers to the football betting industry ask. It is considered a quite common type of bet in football betting. Therefore, today's article on Wintips will answer this question in detail, and also reveal some of the easiest ways to play this type of bet at the current time.
What is a point spread bet?
In English, a point spread bet is called a "winning margin" bet. This type of bet is based on the score difference in a football match to determine the outcome. Simply put, when placing this type of bet, participants need to rely on the goal difference between the two teams to determine a win or loss.
For example, in a match between Manchester City and Manchester United, if you few winning prediction that Manchester United will win by a margin of 3 goals, and the final scores are 3-0, 4-1, 5-2, 6-3, etc., then you would win the bet.
Methods for playing point spread bets
No score draw point spread bet
You will win if the two teams draw with no goals scored (the match result is 0-0). Note, winning this bet is only in the case where the two teams draw without any goals being scored. If the teams draw but there are goals scored (for example, the match ends with a score of 1-1; 2-2; 3-3, etc.), you will lose.
Score draw point spread bet
Contrary to the no score draw, with the score draw point spread bet, you will only win if the two teams draw with goals scored. This means if the teams end the match with scores such as 1-1; 2-2; 3-3, etc., you will win the bet. Note, if the teams draw but no goals are scored, you will lose the bet.
Home team wins by a margin of “x” goals
This is a type of bet where you predict the home team to win by a certain margin of goals. “X” represents the number of goals difference you predict, which could be 1, 2, 3, or any other number. To win this bet, you must satisfy two conditions:
The home team must win.
The home team must win by the exact goal difference you predicted.
For example, in a match between home team Real Madrid and visiting team Manchester United, you predict that Real will win by a 2-goal margin against MU. To win, the match result must fall into scenarios such as: Real 2 – 0 MU; Real 3 – 1 MU; Real 4 – 2 MU… as long as there is a 2-goal difference, you win.
Away team wins by a margin of “x” goals
Similar to the above, but in this case, you will win if you correctly predict the away team to win with the accompanying goal margin.
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Tips for successful point spread betting
As mentioned, it is very difficult to win in point spread betting. To increase your winning odds, you can apply the following tips.
Choose bets between teams with significant differences in strength
Players should choose to bet in matches where there is a disparity between the two teams. Differences in skill level, ability, and form can help increase your chances of winning a bet. If you want to win more money, participants should avoid betting on draws. It is very difficult to accurately predict a score difference when the two teams are of similar strength.
Understand all relevant information about the match
Football betting is not a game of chance. The outcomes of matches are based on specific elements concerning each team. Therefore, instead of betting on luck, you should base your bets on the actual conditions of the match. The more detailed your soccer odds analysis of the information about the match and the teams, the better your foundation for accurately predicting the goal difference.
Confidently predict the goal margin
After choosing matches where there is a clear disparity in skill levels between the two teams, you should boldly predict a goal difference of 2, 3, or even 4 goals. The reason is that when there is a skill disparity, the match will likely be dominated by the stronger team in terms of the score. You should not hesitate and only predict a difference of 1 goal, as it will be very difficult to win with such a narrow margin.
Opt to bet in larger-scale tournaments
Large-scale tournaments will have more information about the teams that you can exploit, analyze, and understand. Additionally, matches in these tournaments will attract more players; thus, the rewards will also be higher.
Above, tip soccer has introduced to you the point spread betting type and tips for betting on this market. Feel confident to participate and challenge your ability to predict football match outcomes. Follow us for more useful content.